My name is Nathan, and I’m a systems engineer with the good fortune to be able to work in rust on a daily basis.

I work in, and quite enjoy, distributed systems. I also have deep interests in cryptography, authenticated data structures, archival, and paranoid security

My Projects

  • Asuran (gitlab): A high performance, extensible de-duplicating archiver written in rust with modern technologies
    • Replicator: A basic framework for building applications making use of encrypted, authenticated storage, using XChaCha20+Blake3
    • hole-punch: A dead simple Rust library for locating holes in sparse files
  • dotfiles: My dotfiles, including emacs config
  • NixOS: My NixOS configurations
  • Matrix homeserver for the rust community (Element Web Instance)
    • Snapper: Very WIP Matrix bot framework

Contact Info

Feel free to reach out to me via the following means:

Interested in hiring me?

I am not currently looking for a new postion, however, as I am working for a startup, I’m not opposed to keping my options open. My resume is availible here: (pdf).


GPG Key: B7A40A5D78C08885